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Honduras , Tuesday 23 January 2018

News Honduras » Yoro: U.S. Reservists Training at Honduras Camp

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Publication date: Saturday 26 December 1987

YORO, Honduras— Camp Powderhorn could easily be mistaken for a military encampment in the Rockies on a hot July day. The camp, however, is a temporary home in Honduras for members of the National Guard and Army Reserves, who are building a road through ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Quebrada de Yoro, Honduras Hourly Weather

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Publication date: Saturday 13 January 2018

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News Honduras » Yoro: Every year, the sky ‘rains fish’. Explanations vary.

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Publication date: Sunday 16 July 2017

YORO (Honduras) — Things don’t come easy in La Unin, a small community on the periphery of Yoro, a farming town in north-central Honduras. Poverty is universal, jobs are scarce, large families are crammed into mud-brick homes and meals often are ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Teenage thugs blow up dog with fireworks in horrific video

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Publication date: uesday 20 January 2015

The clip, filmed in El Negrito in Honduras’s Yoro province, quickly spread across social media, where outraged users called for the arrest of the group. But animal-lovers were furious when the men were handed the equivalent of a single £60 fine and ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Honduras One The World's Deadliest Places For Journalists

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Publication date: uesday 07 August 2012

Jose Encarnacion Chinchilla Lopez, a reporter for Radio Cadena Voces in El Progreso, Yoro state, believes he was the target ... CPJ Deputy Director Robert Mahoney said in a statement. "Honduras has a terrible reputation as one of the deadliest places ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Honduras: Indigenous Tolupanes Return to Their Territory With IACHR Orders of Protection

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Publication date: Wednesday 12 March 2014

A caravan makes it's way up the dusty winding road into the mountains of the department of Yoro. It is heading toward San Francisco ... members of the Black Fraternal Organization of Honduras (OFRANEH); the Women's rights group Academic Feminists; the ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Honduras raids mayor's homes, finds fancy trucks, peacocks

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Publication date: onday 28 July 2014

Honduras has the world's highest murder rate ... stepped up the use of army resources in an effort to tame the drug gangs and lower the murder rate. Yoro is the capital of Yoro department, equivalent to a state or province. The area is known for drug ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Roberto Carlos Meza Suarez

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Publication date: Wednesday 31 May 2017

Funeral services for Roberto Carlos Meza Suarez, 22, of Killeen, will be Friday at Funeraria Celestial Barrio el Playon, Local Numero 11, Calle 22 18y. 20 Ave. S.E., San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras. Burial will follow at Cemeterio General Yoro ...

News Honduras » Yoro: Aftershocks Damage 100 Homes in Honduras

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Publication date: hursday 20 September 2007

TEGUCIGALPA – Approximately one dozen aftershocks from the magnitude 5.5 earthquake that rocked Honduras last weekend have damaged ... Marco Burgos told reporters that the earthquake hit Yoro province on Saturday, damaging about 90 houses and a colonial ...